Makelike Studio for Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

I LOVE photographing makers and Portland, fortunately, has no shortage of them. I had the pleasure of shooting Mary Kysar and Topher Sinkinson (and Fritz the dog!) in their SE industrial district studio here in Portland for Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine a couple of months ago. While Fritz certainly stole the show, I can't stop dreaming about these wallpapers. Keep an eye on Recent Work for these images plus some favorite outtakes.

Multnomah Whiskey Library

I've been fortunate to have a relationship with the wonderful folks at Multnomah Whiskey Library since their opening in 2013. They recently commissioned me to create a series of photographs showcasing not only their food, but their staff and general vibe of this beautiful space. As I mentioned in a previous post, as of late, I try to stage service shots whenever possible these days. It gives me the ability to control the lightening and the models. My goal with this shoot was to capture the elegance and sexiness of the Library. Below are a few of my favorites, more can be seen in Recent Work.

Imbibe Magazine

I had the honor of photographing three of Portland's mover and shakers for Imbibe Magazine's Imbibe 75 - People, places and flavors that will shape the way you drink in 2017. Bertony Faustin, Oregon's first documented African-American winemaker, Erica Indira Swanson, young entreprenuer and mastermind of Tea Bar and Dame, a beautiful and feminine wine bar and restaurant focusing on natural wines. Below are the published photos from the shoot. These plus a few favorite outtakes can be seen in Recent Work in my portfolio.



Next time you're in Portland, chances are you'll find yourself sipping cocktails and nibbling on a kimchi pancake (seriously) at Revelry. With a boombox art piece, DJ booth and vibrant vibe, it would be hard for you to resist. I had the honor of making a few photos for Revelry a couple months ago and thought I'd share a few of them here. As of late, whenever a restaurant lists 'service shots' on their shot list, I work to stage them whenever possible. It's easier to control a scene when everyone is there for the shoot. We can light it, ask people to pose in a certain way, and the outcome is more polished and refined then if I just popped in there on a Friday night. It's my new favorite way to shoot photos "during service".


Brazi Bites

The past few months have been a whirlwind of life and work. From shooting for magazines and commercial clients, shooting a cookbook and traveling to Scotland, for all the terrible, terrible things that has happened this year I can't say 2016 has been terrible for me. Updating my site and blog, however, seems to always find itself on the back burner. Maybe I've found my New Year's resolution? That and taking a mental break from news and politics. Oy.

One of my favorite regular commercial clients is Brazi Bites. If you're not familiar with them, I suggest popping over to your local grocery store's freezer section and picking up a sack of these bite-sized Brazilian cheese breads. You'll probably hate me for suggesting that because I suspect you'll be on your way to Costco for their giant sized bag soon after baking off your first batch. 

Brazi Bites shoots are wonderful because they're always a balanced collaboration between owner Junea Rocha - who always has a crystal clear vision of what she wants, the incredibly talented food and prop stylist Anne Parker, and myself. I hope these photos get you salivating, because that's the idea.


Castagna for Art Culinaire

If you're even remotely involved in the food world then you'll understand what an honor and a privliage it is to shoot for Art Culinaire. Every chef that I've ever spoken to about AC hold it with the highest regard. A source of inspiration and beauty. This is my second shoot for Art Culinaire, the first since the publication changed hands, and I hope more assignments are in my future. 

We photographed Justin Woodward, chef at Castagna (whom I photographed for issue #108 along with Naomi Pomeroy of Beast and Gabe Rucker of Le Pigeon) and his gorgeous food. I always say that Justin's gentle and creative nature comes through in his plating, and this shoot was no exception. Some of my favorite shots are below. More can be seen here.

Serious Eats

I had a great time bopping around town making photos for Serious Eats' Guide of Where to Eat and Drink in Portland. Written by Portland's own fabulous Jen Stevenson who seems to know where to eat and drink in every town she visits more than the locals. Trust me, I've traveled in her wake in NYC and ate at places I never would have known about without her guidance. If you're visiting Portland this summer, this is your definitive guide. Below are a few of my favorites. More can be seen in Recent Work.

Han Oak


Lovely's Fifty Fifty

Hat Yai




Reel M Inn

Travel Portland

It was such an honor being asked to contribute to Travel Portland's 2016-17 Travel Guide. You'll find this guidebook packed with what to do, what to eat and where to go in Portland peppered in many of the city's restaurants, shops, hotel lobbies and rooms, and online, of course.